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Find out what happens in and around Camberley, We have joint Karen from Local Family Events to bring you what happens in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.

Oysters Fish and Chips A True Commitment to Quality and Local Produce

Look no further than Oysters Fish and Chips for delicious and perfectly crafted fish and chips in Lightwater! Best potatoes from local British farmers to make their award-winning chips.
Oysters Fish and Chips

Oysters Fish and Chips Lightwater Celebrate its 13th Anniversary with local businesses

Oysters Fish and Chips is celebrating its 13th anniversary. Gavin, the owner, takes pride in serving delicious fish and chips.

Unique Pooch Boutique in Camberley

Love from Betty wants a fantastic shop, and there’s nothing like it close by; it’s worth a visit.

Downsizing your Property – The Why and the How

In today's episode, Candice and Adrian will discuss downsizing properties and share helpful hints and tips. If you are considering downsizing, this podcast is a must-listen.

Corrina Lodge Care Home Sports Day

What a great local community event that Corrina Lodge Care Home hosted, bringing together local families.

Back to Rags Reunion coming to the Login Lounge this September

The one night to reunite! DJ Keith Connors along with former Rags DJ’s will delve into their records to create that memorable atmosphere and with so many definitive artists from those unforgettable decades of dance.

Here’s a guide on how to prepare delicious oysters and crispy chips

Today, we aired a sneak peek of the chip preparation process, and now you can watch the full video.

Local News with Alex Vickers Brings You the Latest Updates

Greetings! We have a new project that aims to inform you about the happenings in your local area with a touch of humour and interesting facts.

iPosters has officially opened a new location in Camberley

I recently stumbled upon this fantastic shop with everything from movie posters to Pokemon balls and gift boxes. Even better, they had mugs with your favourite movies on them!

Jumpin Easter Holidays Secrets Exposed! Here’s the Juicy Details

Just one more week of the Easter half-term left to go and we’re here to find out what Jumpin has to offer