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Oysters Fish and Chips A True Commitment to Quality and Local Produce

Today, we had the pleasure of visiting Oysters Fish and Chip shop in Lightwater, where Gavin, the owner, walked us through selecting the perfect potato for their award-winning traditional chips.

At Oysters, Fish and Chips, they pride themselves on their commitment to quality and supporting local British farmers. When choosing the right potato for their chips, they carefully select one that is fresh and has the right texture and flavour.

Gavin explained that they work closely with local farmers to ensure that they source their potatoes from the best suppliers and only use them in season, which not only guarantees the best flavour but also helps to support the local economy.

As we oversaw the team selecting and preparing the potatoes, it was clear that they took great pride in their craft. From hand-cutting the potatoes to carefully monitoring the temperature of the oil, every step of the process is done with care and attention to detail.

If you’re ever in the area, we recommend stopping by Oysters Fish and Chips to taste their delicious and perfectly crafted chips.

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