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toob promise guarantees you’ll never pay more mid-contract

We talk to Claire from Toob this week on a podcast getting to know more about the broadband provider.

In the next month or two, we go through an increase in pricing on our mobile phones and current broadband providers like BT, and Virgin Media.

We need to make a saving somewhere rather than cutting back on services. How about swapping over to something cheaper and more sustainable for any household or large family?

Toob promises no in-contract price rises, which is just what we need to hear they have kept the prices low and they are the best in town.

Here are just some examples of pricing compared to Toobs.

  • BT Fibre Essential Guarantee 32Mb Upload speed range 8Mb – 9Mb from £26.99 per month
  • BT Fibre 1 Guarantee 46Mb Upload speed range 8Mb – 9Mb from £28.99 per month
  • BT Fibre 2 Guarantee 55Mb Upload speed range 17Mb – 18Mb from £29.99 per month
  • Virgin Media 264mbps 6 month from £15 per month then £33 per month after 6 months
  • Virgin Media Gig1 Fibre Broadband 1130Mpbs from £30 per month for six months and then £50 per month afterwards.

toob 900Mbps down and 900Mbps upload £25 per month

And the big thing we can’t ignore is that speed is very much superior to any provider out there within a budget price.

There are a lot of large families out there whose kids do more than just watch Netflix gaming and most households have more than one TV or Gaming system, so it’s not just about the pricing anymore, It’s about the speed.

I speak from experience with eight kids that come with their iPhones and some with Ipads, they all have their TV in their bedroom and streaming services like Netflix, Disney at 4K which is very much standard these days.

It just makes a difference when you have a broadband service provider that gives you the speed you need.

And I’m looking forward, have myself connected to toob very soon.

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