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Our food has a lot more than just being delicious and fast. We give you a choice between small and regular sized portions, both of which are generously given.

Mr. Park, the founder and CEO of KOKORO used to find it hard to come by a place where he could eat simple, cheap but decent oriental food, served quickly and conveniently on a busy enough day.

He decided to set up a sushi restaurant that also offers a range of freshly made hot food. He wanted to benefit both himself and the customers looking for an alternative to the day-to-day pasta, sandwiches or salads. Not long since his brainstorm of the idea, the first branch of KOKORO was opened in Kingston-Upon-Thames in Surrey in 2010.

KOKORO have grown to a total of 12 branches spread across the southern part of the UK and are growing rapidly, opening a new branch every couple of months.

Our way

All throughout the day, from our warehouse in Walton-on-Thames, KOKORO trucks go in and out delivering fresh ingredients to our 20 different branches. Our food is cooked on each premises and the hand-made sushi makes our food all the more fresh and is made just for you.

Our food has a lot more than just being delicious and fast. We give you a choice between small and regular sized portions, both of which are generously given.

It is excellent value for money and our staff is always happy to help and assist you in making a very important decision: what to eat! Our quick and convenient service ensures that you get your food as quickly as possible, as on a busy day nobody wants to be standing in the queue for more than five minutes!

More about our ingredients


Rice is an excellent source of nutrition for many countries around the world. Asia especially, has developed a diverse range of rice recipes over the course of thousands of years. Rice is rich in carbohydrate, protein, fat, calcium, iron and magnesium, making it one of the most nutritionally balanced ingredients. KOKORO use ‘Japonica-rice’, also known as ‘Sushi rice’, as it goes well with every oriental food courtesy of its deep flavor and soft texture.

Soy Sauce

Ancient Middle Asian and East Asian people used to ingest fermented soy bean to add flavor to steamed or stir fried rice. ‘Soy sauce’ is the product of boiling and extracting these ripened bean pastes. KOKORO uses Soy Sauce when seasoning poultry and meat as it not only has a deep flavor, but also adds to the oriental concept of our food.


The word ‘curry’ originally comes from the word ‘Kari’ which means ‘soup&sauce’ in old Tamil language. Now, ‘curry’ is the generic term for every South Asian dish which uses ‘Masala’. KOKORO use well-made curry sauce which smells like a direct gift from heaven to tempt the customers passing by.

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