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Camberley High Street – Utility works

Recently, statutory utility companies have done work on Camberley High Street and left patches of tarmac on the pavements.

We want to reassure the public and businesses located on the High Street these areas are temporary until the utility companies are able to return to replace or reinstate the granite paving. When the improvements to the High Street and surrounding roads completed in 2021 Surrey Heath Borough Council (SHBC) set aside additional paving blocks for utility works or repairing any damage. 

Councillor Colin Dougan, SHBC’s Portfolio Holder for Environment and Health said: 

“We understand the concerns shared with us about these patches of tarmac as they do look unsightly against the granite.  We have alerted our concerns to Surrey County Council who own the land, and they have instructed the utility companies to return to address the reinstatement work using the original paving. We are now waiting for the date for when this work will take place and once confirmed we will share this information on SHBC’s social media channels.” 

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